Over the years, we’ve covered just about every dating site we thought we could imagine, everything from arranged marriages to sugar babies to cosplay. But something we’d certainly never given much thought to was the dating lives of…vegetarians?

So I know what you’re probably thinking at this point: do vegetarians need their own space for dating? The answer is yes, they very much do. Some parts of society take this very seriously, focusing not only on what being a vegetarian means to them but also what impact their lifestyles may have on the environment. These ideas & beliefs guide their day-to-day lives, so it makes sense that it would also follow them into dating.

Below, we’ve tried to assemble the best pro-veggie sites out there. It’s our sincere hope that you find exactly the type of partner you’re looking for.

Best Vegetarian Dating Sites

1) boasts its site to be the premier site of its kind in the world, with 400 new members signing up every single week. In addition to their dating services, they offer up their site as a place for making friends and planning veggie-based activities, whatever those might be.

The site’s design is quite simplistic, mimicking earlier attempts at dating sites from the mid-1990s. However, while not the most visually exciting, Veggie Date has a certain retro appeal that’s also easy to navigate through.

Searching for members is also stripped down, with the site only asking for your zip code, preferred distance range, & “sexual preference,” i.e., heterosexual female, homosexual male, and quite a few more. Once you hit enter, you’re presented with a vertical list of the members that fit your criteria. This is a mostly text-based list, showing beliefs, diet, age, race, & what type of relationship they’re looking for, along with a profile photo.

Other functions on Veggie Date include “My Hotlist,” which really just amounts to a favorites system for members you’ve found interesting, “Winked Me,” which is a flirt-like system offered, and Edit Ad, which is a rudimentary profile editor.

Messaging is seemingly as simple as the rest of Veggie Date, with no options for video chats or even voice chatting.

At this point, you may be wondering what’s landed it on our list, and honestly, it’s a few things. Firstly, while it’s no feast for the eyes, the website is incredibly easy for you, and just about anyone could be browsing in just a few minutes. The second plus is its clear honesty. Veggie Date isn’t like a lot of dating sites out there, where they claim an almost 100% success rate in finding a partner. Instead, you’re going to see members in their mid to late thirties, folks who are seemingly sincere in wanting to find a partner and are honest about their intentions.

It also doesn’t hurt that it’s free, and has been around for years. It’s these reasons that we recommend Veggie Date as your first choice for lifestyle-minded individuals.


Last up on our list today is a site specifically for vegetarians in the United Kingdom. As part of the larger Online Connections network, Dating Vegetarian promotes your profile across a few other of their veggie-centric websites, meaning that if you opt-in don’t be surprised to see some “cross-pollination,” so to speak. As they’re sure to point this out from the moment you enter the site, it doesn’t have us too terribly concerned.

As far as what the site costs, there are a few choices. While there are some paid membership options available on Dating Vegetarian, they also include a completely free option that includes the ability to see the site, visit profiles, send “flirts,” and create a basic profile. We’re always attracted to sites that treat the user first, which Dating Vegetarian definitely seems to be doing.

The site is also exceptionally easy to navigate, with search options based on either location or interest. If you select Interests, you’ll be sent to a very dense text-based area listing everything from “Athiest Vegetarians” to “Travel Vegetarians.” While not the most elegant layout, Dating Vegetarian has quite honestly anything you could think of. Seriously…they even have “Racing Vegetarians.”

As we toured Dating vegetarians, it quickly became obvious that the site is quite inclusive, and really doesn’t do much in the way of advertisements or spam. All of the displayed links work as intended, and once you’ve created a profile, the members definitely look legitimate. It’s these facts, along with their free approach that makes a definitely recommend Dating vegetarian as a solid alternative to Veggie Date.


Date Vegetarians was originally founded in 2013 and has been catering to vegetarians consistently for the last six years.

Date Vegetarians is pretty much pay-to-play, with their 3-day Trial Plan being our recommendation for anyone who’s curious as to just what’s behind the scenes. At just under $7, it’s not too hard on the wallet and still gives users enough to see if the site’s right for them. Keep in mind that automatic billing is applied to whatever payment option you give them, so if you don’t like what you see, get your membership canceled ASAP to avoid unwanted charges.

While Date Vegetarians offers a desktop site with an optimized mobile version, there aren’t any official apps available. From what we could test with our own phones, the site seems to work the same regardless of which platform you’re using.

One thing we should also note is that you’re not able to fully delete any user accounts that are created. Deactivation is offered, as is an option to unsubscribe from the site’s correspondence, but you can’t just flat-out eliminate it. This might be a problem for the more security-minded among you, which is why we bring it up.

While we’re not too keen on your apparent inability to completely delete your account, nor do we especially enjoy automatic payments, vegetarians don’t have a ton of options when it comes to site-specific options. If you’re not finding any luck on Veggie Date, and aren’t looking for someone outside of the United States, maybe give Date Vegetarians a shot. It might just be the one that works.