Sugar Daddy

For those who aren’t familiar with the concept, a sugar baby is a younger man or women who’d like to find an older man or woman to take care of them financially, often in exchange for romantic companionship. While this can be shocking for some folks, the truth is that this dynamic has become incredibly popular over the years, gaining a lot of acceptance in mainstream society.

It’s this reason in particular that we’ve decided to put a list together of some of the top “sugar” sites on the web today. Hopefully, you can use these to land yourself in a truly optimal situation, both fiscally & romantically!

Sugar Daddy Dating Websites

Here’s a list of the top sugar daddy networks and only those that seem to be popular today. We’ve been testing these all out and this tells it all, clear as crystal…

1) (now

Our first site on today’s list is definitely one of the better-known sites for Sugar Baby/Sugar Daddy culture, originally being created by a gentleman named Brandon Wage in 2006. This platform was primarily designed to match younger individuals who’d like to find emotional & financial support in one package, oftentimes without the added strings that a long-term relationship provides. These supporters are most often either older, rich, or both, and tend to be looking for NSA fun on a more consistent basis, along with companionship & friendship.

Seeking Arrangement is attractive to those in the “sugar” community due to its directness, with the site promoting honest & upfront discussions between its members, in the hopes that both parties can find mutually beneficial situations while staying outside of the boundaries of “normal” relationships.

Signing up is pretty straightforward, with most of the typical questions like gender, body shape, and hobbies presenting themselves as you work your way through. But the site also asks more specific questions, like the amount of money you’re looking to get from your “benefactor,” which definitely lies outside of the standard batch of questions on typical dating sites. They also make an effort to convince new users to connect their social media accounts. This is primarily to help verify your identity, and if you choose to do so, your member profile will display a badge of authenticity showing that you’ve done just that.

Seeking Arrangement takes authenticity even further with their image verification, meaning that submitted images can sometimes take up to a few days before being approved. Their third bit of security is their “Optimum Screening,” which is another voluntary identity check, one that also displays yet another badge on your profile. We were really taken aback by how hard the site attempts to keep things above board, and it made us even more excited to learn about the site’s other offerings.

Once you’re finished with first steps, browsing Seeking Arrangement is a breeze, thanks to their extensive search features. You can use everything from zip codes to sexual preferences when flipping through profiles, which is fantastic for just about everyone. If you decide to upgrade your membership, the features expand even further, with options to search for things like members’ net worth, net incomes, and more “sugar” based options.

If you’re looking for an arrangement that’s fiscal, romantic, sexual, or any of the above, Seeking Arrangement is one of the best sites out there today.


Our next sugar site is definitely more focused on the younger side of things, catering a bit more to sugar babies who’d love to find an older man or woman to help them make their way through life. While their marketing skews a bit towards women, with slogans like “…for women who’ve grown tired of dating immature boys, and would rather be pampered,” the site definitely has plenty to offer men as well.

Something we appreciated almost immediately about Sugar Daddy For Me is that non-members are instantly free to explore the site & view member profiles. Even though the site is almost all pay-to-play, it’s a great move to allow visitors to see exactly what they’re missing, and probably accounts for the over 2000 new page views they see on a daily basis.

Another strong facet of this site’s approach is that they go to pretty great lengths to keep gender proportion in check, boasting an almost perfect 50/50 split of males to females. For sites in the sugar specialty realm, a balance like this is crucial to all members having a good chance of finding their perfect match.

Sugar Daddy For Me also makes sure not to forget folks with alternative lifestyles as well. During member searches, users will notice that there are options for “Extramarital” situations, along with plenty of options for the LGBTQ+ community. Making choices like this reflects incredibly well on dating companies, and only serves to bring in additional membership.

While not quite as big as, Sugar Daddy For Me has a user base of almost 4 million members, making it a serious contender in the sugar scene. This, along with its attempts at providing a smooth user experience is how it landed on our list.


Our last site on today’s list is a bit more “boiled down,” so to speak. Arrangement Finders tends to be first & foremost about the money and secondly about the men. Membership is made free to all ladies, which is a fairly obvious attempt to pad the membership base for the benefit of the wealthy & affluent men who pay for site access.

One weak point for Arrangement Finders is that, like any other mid-level dating site, they depend on advertising dollars to keep things going. This is why you’ll be dealing with a fair amount of spam, both within site and off of it. While not enough to really “break” the site, it’s definitely enough to convince members that they’re looking at member profiles while really they’re just looking at advertisements. Keep this in mind as you explore Arrangement Finders’ various offerings.

Arrangement Finders also tends to really only provide a credibly dating experience if you’ve paid for either membership or credits. When this is done, users are suddenly able to access paid profiles, which tend to be the most consistently real people found here.

We definitely can’t say that Arrangement Finders is the best site for finding a sugar baby, it’s definitely not the worst. There’s a fair amount of actual users on the site, as long as you’re willing to pay to see them.