As you’ve probably noticed, there’s a club, group, organization, or loose grouping of individuals for just about everything you can imagine. But everyone once and awhile, there’s still a few folks that “slip through the cracks”, having almost no luck finding a community that fits their exotic breed of fantasy.

So what if you’re someone who has tastes or kink that fall outside the realm of what some would consider “normal?” Perhaps your tastes tend to fall off very, very off the beaten track, and a specialized approach is just what the doctor ordered.

Luckily, we’ve put together a list for just these types of people, those who find that their needs are highly individualized. Continue reading below to find out just what types of “one-off” erotic & dating options are floating out there in the ether!

This covers quite a few specialized dating sites and what you need to know if you’re into the more concentrated dating networks. Here’s what you need to know about all things specialized!

Specialized Dating Sites You Need To Know

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1) Shaadi.com

Our first site today is aimed primarily towards matchmaking & arranged wedding services. While originally based in India, the site has expanded its services over the years to include most places in the world.

A component of the site we especially liked was the “Shaadi Pride” section, where members who have successfully used the site to find a partner write about their successes. A lot of them even post links to social media, which gives this part of the site an added sense of sincerity.

Something else that’s pretty unique to Shaadi are a few of the search & profile creation questions, which tend to focus a fair amount of astronomical signs. While not the most traditional approach for us back here in the States, it’s a novel approach that definitely acts as a conversation starter.

Another benefit of using Shaadi (at least in its home country of India), is that the company has gone so far as to open physical locations, staffed with matchmakers who are more than happy to walk first-timers through the process.

One word of caution; Shaadi caters primarily to Indians & Indian culture. Due to this fact, the site does not cater to any non-heterosexual individuals.

The site claims to have made over three million matches since its creation in 1996, which is quite a boast for a relatively specialized website. This, along with its interesting approach to marriage & cross-culture dating is what convinced us that Shaadi belongs on this list.

2) Militarycupid.com

Our next site is definitely a site built for members of the military, specifically men in the armed forces, or what some would just refer to as “men in uniform.”

While Military Cupid isn’t strictly pay-to-play, it’s definitely a better experience if you’ve purchased either the Gold or Platinum membership. Without this, you’ll be stuck messaging only other free users, as opposed to getting access to every member profile. You’ll also only get to see certain profile images as opposed to full albums, which on a dating website can be a real hindrance.

A feature we appreciated was the “Cupid Tags” function, which allows members to add specific hashtags to their user profile, in the hopes that they’ll find better matches.

Military Cupid also understands that sometimes dating as a military official can be a little tricky, which is why they decided to include an “Incognito” mode, in case some members are looking to be more discreet about their comings & goings.

A free mobile app is also offered by the company, which provides all of the same functionality as their desktop site. Many reviews fell in line with our opinions on the app, which were that it’s actually much easier to use than their desktop website. Seeing as a large percentage of online daters do that dating from their phones or mobile devices, we didn’t find this to be a huge issue.

With an average of 600 new visitors checking out Military Cupid on a daily basis, it’s really no wonder that this site is popular. Along with their specialized offerings, the site has a consistent build quality & presentation that made us convinced it deserved a place on today’s list.

3) Fitness-singles.com

If you’re the type who puts in a lot of hours at the gym, focuses on their diet, and generally tends to be concerned with their health & well-being, Fitness Singles is more than likely the perfect site for you.

Signup is pretty basic, with the assumed emphasis on physical activities & body shape being obvious from the get-go. Fitness Singles asks new members to write about at least three major fitness activities, along with rating yourself on your skill in said disciplines. This comes into play pretty quickly once you start actually using the site, which we’ll get into in below.

Something we really like about Fitness Singles’ approach is that they actively try to get its members to meet up for sports & other physical activities, like jogging, swimming, or hiking. This is truly unique for a dating site, and we feel it makes for a better chance of connecting with your possible new partner.

Another interesting part of Fitness Singles is its “Top 25” feature, which regularly ranks its 25 most popular members. For those in the fitness community, a certain level of competition can really be a great conversation starter, and even more so when dating is involved.

With the site boasting roughly two million members in the United States, along with its focus on getting singles to do more than just have a few cocktails or buy an expensive dinner is what landed Fitness SIngles firmly on this list.

4) Anastasiadate.com

Our last site today focuses on a fairly typical phenomenon where women of Eastern European origin (countries like Russia, Czech Republic, Ukraine, Croatia, and others) hope to find a match with a potential husband in the United States. The company was originally started back in 1993, with the site launching just a few years later in 1997. Keep in mind that this was before the Internet was much more than message boards, terrible wallpapers, and unformatted HTML, which means that Anastasia Date has a ton of experience within the arranged marriage scenes.

While free membership is offered, the site is primarily pay-to-play, using a credit system for members to participate. This, unfortunately, means that without shelling out at least a few dollars once or twice, your chances of finding someone on here is severely limited.

Anastasia’s numbers are pretty astounding, with almost five million reported users in the United States alone. While this is an impressive statistic, we weren’t able to discern whether or not the genders on this site are more or less balanced, so the bulk of the US users might all be single men. Although they additionally report almost twenty million members worldwide, which may account for this perceived discrepancy.

While Anastasia Date may have its flaws, like a fair amount of fake profiles and a less-than-perfect interface, their long history in the industry, along with the sheer number of successful testimonials out there is what got this website on our list.

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