If you’re an older individual, you certainly know how challenging it can be to find a date as a senior. Not only is the dating pool much smaller than it once was, but you’re also no spring chicken. Walking into a bar and picking up a partner for the night isn’t the breeze that it once was, and you can tell.

Senior Dating Sites

So what do you, when you aren’t as spry as you once were? Use technology, of course! And while some older folks may not be as familiar with what’s out there, we certainly are, which is why we put together the list below. It’s our genuine hope that you’ll be able to find the love you’ve been searching for, regardless of your age.


Originally started in 2011, OurTime is a site that specifically offers dating services to those 50 or older. Since its inception, the site has grown to over 1,500,000 members in total, all of them hailing from the United States. The 50-plus demographic has been growing quite a bit in the last couple of decades, many of which are still looking for their first real love, or maybe are trying to find their second.

Profile registration only takes a few moments, after which you’ll upload up to 30 different photos. Our Time took care to make this process as simplified as possible, keeping their aged demographic firmly in mind. Once you’ve finished signing up, you’ll get to check out the sites array of features.

Functionality on OurTime is what one would expect, with the often-seen options to visit chat rooms, browse user profiles, send flirts, etc. However, these features are surface-deep unless you go ahead and pay for a premium membership. Otherwise, you’ll be limited to just sending flirts and hoping for the best. You can also opt-out of their membership fees in lieu of purchasing credits, which cost $1 for every 25 and get cheaper the more you buy.

The company also released a mobile app for the site, which is just a stripped-down version of their desktop site. While some might think that a dating app for 50-somethings is a waste, the truth is that its seen more than its fair share of downloads, and continues to earn respectable reviews.

While it may not be the cheapest option available, OurTime provides several pieces of functionality that really put it at the top of the heap. Definitely worth a try for those who are advanced in age but still on the market.


Senior People Meet is one of the more typical offerings out there for older men & women to find a love interest or long-term partner. The site limits its membership to those who are 40 or older. This is a great approach for a site like this, as it avoids older users getting “pushed out” in lieu of younger members looking for a cougar or silver fox.

Signup is streamlined to make it as easy as possible, a boon for the elderly who’ve not been using PCs since childhood. A mere six total screens are all that keep new members from getting onto the site, a welcome change. Once you’ve registered, you’ll be able to add information & photos to your profile, before finally getting to the standard homepage.

From here, your options are relatively simple for the most part. You can search member profiles, join chat rooms, message users, and more of the standard fare. One novel & bright point for us was the “Who Do You Like” functions, which is a game that mimics speed dating. It’s basically a “Hot or Not” function, in which members are shown two different images of two different users. You can choose to choose one, or deny both. If you select one, you’ll then have them as a match for a possible future connection.

Like most sites in this genre, Senior People Meet is pay-to-play, so you’ll have to get your spend on if you want to meet anyone on here. Otherwise, the most you’ll be doing on the site is looking at singles.

Currently, Senior People Meet are sitting at almost 2 million members in the United States, no mean feat for a smaller dating website. They also net an absurd 64,000 weekly page views, which is definitely more than just a fluke. Senior People Meet is definitely a solid option for older singles, and shouldn’t be overlooked.


Senior Friend Finder is definitely a bit more diverse than some of the offerings seen on this list. The site doesn’t just aim to find seniors love but is equally focused on finding friendship & fellowship for aged individuals. Their membership is limited to those 60 & up, which further cements the site’s attempt at catering to those of true advanced age.

Another facet of the site that we appreciated was its seemingly intense dedication to member security. The site has put a few different security tactics into effect, most of which is their fraud detection algorithm, which tries to seek out fraudulent messages & profiles. For folks who may not have had that much experience with the Internet, the assurance of a robust security program brings some much-needed comfort.

The site also offers some fantastic customer service, with a live helpline available for those who just can’t make sense of the site or have complaints or concerned. It’s incredibly rare for any dating site to offer a toll-free helpline for their services, and is something that we found truly impressive.

Senior Friend Finder’s dual concept of companionship & love is an exceptional addition to the senior dating scene. It’s quite impressive when a company like this has enough foresight to cater to the full range of needs in demand by their target demographic. If you’re an older man or woman who’s not really sure what sort of connection they’re looking for, Senior Friend Finder might just be your perfect option.