Dating can be hard, even for the most outgoing & open-minded among us. But what happens when you’re single, lonely, and heavily entrenched in your system of belief? How do you find love when you follow a strict belief that can oftentimes dictate actions taken in life? Join a dating website, of course!

Best Religious Dating Networks To Join

While we understand that the challenges involved in dating can get way more complicated when you involve religion, there are definitely still companies out there that offer quality services for the pious & penitent. Below, we’ve assembled a list of a few of the more respectable sites on the market, in the hopes that you can find the type of love you’re looking for!


As the name implies, our first site today is mainly catered towards Christian singles looking to find someone that they can share some worship & romance with. The site boasts an incredibly large user base with over 12 million members in the US alone.

Before getting started, you’ll have to sign up for some sort of paid membership, otherwise, unfortunately, Christian Mingle will be all but off-limits for you. The company bills its members upfront, so you won’t have to worry about any hidden fees or charges popping up later. Cancellation is also super easy.

Once you’ve signed up for at least a trial membership, you’ll be prompted to create your profile. As you might assume, the questions are focused primarily around your beliefs, so be prepared to spend more than a few minutes responding to Christian Mingle’s lengthy profile editor.

Browsing profiles tends to be pretty easy, with search options for things like ethnicity, religion, and more. You can also filter these results to only online display members, which makes getting into a conversation pretty likely. Guests can also join chatrooms, and download the company’s proprietary dating app, available for both Android & iOS. The app has quite a few downloads for both platforms, and most users tend to report that it’s quite user-friendly, and provides most facets of the desktop site.

The site tends to have somewhat younger adults online, with their members usually falling somewhere between their early twenties to their mid-forties, mainly due to how seriously the site takes dating & connections. You definitely won’t find a hookup here, but Christian Mingle is definitely a great site for Christians to find love.


This next site is a bit different than your standard U.S.-hosted Christian site. Instead, Christian Philipina tries to find U.S. men Philipina women who share in their Christian faith. While this might be a surprise to some, the Philipines is actually the 5th largest Christian country on the planet. Over 90% of its population adheres to the faith, a percentage that’s hardly replicated in any other Christian nations. Heck, even the United States is only 75%!

While the site has a free membership, it really doesn’t offer much, so visitors will have to drop a few dollars to really get a feel for what Christian Filipina is all about.

The one complaint we have about this site is its lack of content. There are plenty of members sure, but there aren’t very many to flirt or otherwise reach out. That being said, the site has a very solid security rating and a user base that seems generally satisfied. On top of this, the site’s founders, Peter & Milyn, actually met while Peter was on a mission trip in the Philipines. This means that they’ve got a lot of knowledge regarding the hurdles that international love can face.

With all that in mind, you could definitely do a lot worse than Christian Philipina if you’re set on finding faith-based love both IN the Philipines and FROM the Philipines.


Our third site on today’s list has nothing to do with Christianity and instead is aimed towards the global Muslim community. The site markets itself as a “Muslim matrimonial” site, meaning that its members are specifically trying to find marriage, whether that be for the first, second, or even third time.

Signup is smooth and easy here, with Muslima attaching their profile creator to your Facebook, allowing you to just shift over your profile photos & pertinent data. You can upload up to 5 photos in all, in any resolution.

Searching for members on this site quickly makes you realize that they purposefully try to avoid limiting searches to your state or country of origin, instead of promoting matches from all across the globe. This is part of the charm of Muslima, as they are dedicated to connecting single Muslims from all backgrounds & walks of life, making for a richness in dating that can make the whole process much more thrilling.

Muslima boasts over 4 million users worldwide, along with a very balanced pool of both men & women on the site, which can make or break a user’s success when trying to find a partner. While a large portion of Muslima’s users hail from France, Algeria, and Saudi Arabia, there are over 300,000 US users as well, so new visitors should have a fair bit of luck trying to find a match.


While our last site today is technically Christian, it focuses on a specific branch: the Chruch of Latter-Day Saints. This church is the single largest Mormon-based dating platform in existence, which is how they boast their high user numbers While 500,000 active members may not seem like a lot, for such a small population it’s fairly incredible.

Signup takes just a few minutes, after which you can start exploring the site’s offerings. Just like most of the sites on this list, the profiles are heavily based around the beliefs & opinions of the user. Some folks have an awful lot of opinions, so be prepared for some heavy reading on occasion.

Messaging is simple as could be, with email & instant messaging functions both being readily available. You won’t find options for “cam shows” here, just good old chat rooms & messages. Guests can also engage in video chat, send “flirts,” and rate & comment on photos.

In Addition to its dating services, LDS Planet also offers spiritual counseling via video chat. Seeing as Mormon culture & values tend to shy away from pre-marital sex & heavy dating, it makes sense that they’d try and offer a bit more substance to its users.

While not for everyone, if you’re a single Mormon looking for a quality, long-term romantic connection, we’d definitely suggest giving IDS Planet a shot.