Eharmony Review

Promotes itself as a place where you can get in touch with compatible singles who are pre-screened to be suitable for you, saving you time and energy sifting through profiles of possible matches as the site promises to bring dates to you.

There´s more, by joining you get to complete a relationship questionnaire and put together a detailed personality profile which will help you to outline your character traits as well as those of a person you´re ideally wishing to find. So if all you want is a fling, a flirt or a one night stand, this will probably not be worth your while. But if you´re looking for the real thing, this site might just prove to be the one that you´ve been looking for.

What´s even better, the site will allow you to get a full membership for FREE for a week´s trial so you get to properly check out all the merits of eHarmony before you choose to join and pay.

Your eHarmony Profile Creating a profile, or more accurately, putting together your personality profile, takes quite a bit of time and there´s a lot of answers to give, a lot of boxes to tick, yet not so much to write yourself. As a result you will get a detailed personality profile of yourself, which could give you a better insight to your own wants and needs.

The least you get from it is an interesting read and a half an hour spent thinking about yourself, but it could bring you a lot more. Who knows, it might even bring you a perfect match? It will take into account 29 different dimensions and character traits, so you will get a pretty comprehensive picture.

The Search
There is no regular ´search´ of profiles in eHarmony. In fact, you don´t see most of the profiles at all. The system will seek out those profiles that match your needs and expectations and posts them in your site, so you can then decide whether you´re interested in further communication with them or not.

If you´re interested, you can start communicating with them, sending them an icebreaker, which comes in the form of a short questionnaire. There´s also an option called ´Fast Track´, which is actually just plain old email, so if you want to skip all those in between guided steps, feel free to use that.

However, having no options to look around yourself and find suitable matches kind of keeps your options pretty low. If you want to start looking for different people, you´d have to adjust the ´match search´ categories accordingly, so it´s not very simple and straightforward, should you suddenly feel inclined to find a complete ´opposite´ to attract you.

In a Land Far, Far Away Another thing, this is an international website, therefore it can also find you matches from other parts of the world should you wish that. Doesn´t hurt to keep your options open! Who knows, maybe true love really is thousands of miles away and just waiting to be discovered. On the other hand, if you really just want to meet someone in your own city, you can close all other search options and focus on near and dear.

There´s not much in the way of extras on eHarmony, the detailed personality profile aside. There´s no chat, no audio or video messages, none of the technical bric a brac. There are questionnaires and there´s the email and it´s as straightforward as that.

Free vs Paid site Free site lets you create a profile and you get the detailed personality report (apparently worth £20) for free as well. You get to review the profiles of your matches but that´s about it. You cannot communicate with the dates send and/or receive any of the icebreakers, email messages and like.