For many men, the prospect of meeting an older, more experienced woman to enjoy a romantic connection with is perhaps the biggest fantasy they have. Regardless of where these fantasies stem from, socially speaking men tend to have a predisposition towards this sort of conquering mentality.

In modern culture, we tend to embrace this concept, thinking that these types of situations are usually one-sided. However, folks tend to sometimes forget that there are just as many older women out there looking for younger men as there are younger men looking for older women, with the popular publication Newsweek even coining 2009 as the “Year Of The Cougar.” These 21st-century ladies are oftentimes working professionals, women who’ve decided that the traditional housewife lifestyle just isn’t for them. Instead, they aim to have just as much fun as their male peers, meaning that many of these sites cater pretty equally to both genders.

Beyond the stereotypes, these points tend to outline the truth of the matter, which is that emotionally & sexually speaking, there’s oftentimes a better sense of compatibility between younger men & older women. And when it comes down to chemistry, some things just can’t be quantified. It’s these observations that have prompted us to put together a list of a few of the most-visited “granny” sites.

One heads up before moving on down our list of sites; many of these companies tend to be a little less consistent than their more mainstream cousins, leading to occasional shutdowns or loss of site features. Below, we do our best to cover these site-specific issues while still giving you the low-down on just what each of these grandma-specific sites offers their guests.


Our first site today is Grannie Hookups, which aims to please its guests with its unlimited access to older women.

Their live webcam feeds seem to be the most popular part of the site, with many feeds available for guests to check out & drool over. There’s also a generalized chat function available, as well as the more typical offering like member profiles & chat rooms.

A word of warning for this particular site: many of its features are only worthwhile if you’d paid for at least a trial membership, which will run you $2.97 for just two days. When signing up, make sure to focus on the fine print as well, as Granniehookups has quite a bit of additional info regarding your commitments. That being said, it seems to be a fairly popular option for those looking to date older women.


While easily mistaken from our previous site on this list, Granny Hookup actually has a stronger reputation than its pluralized predecessor.

A common complaint with quite a few of these sites is that they offer almost nothing for free, with new members getting instantly barraged by ads asking them to upgrade their accounts. With Granny Hookup, users can avoid getting loads of fake messages from spambots, and instead actually enjoy the site as they search for their optimal match.

The weakest point of Granny Hookup is its design. When you first enter the site, the logo & layout are a bit reminiscent of early 2000s websites, with a simple menu bar to one side and some mediocre graphics. However, this might actually be a positive, when taking into consideration the older ages of some of the sites potential user base.

All in all, while Granny Hookup is a pay-to-play site, there’s a lot here for free users as well.


Granny Sex Personals is a straightforward site with hooking up in mind, which is why they keep their list of features down to a minimum. Guests can choose from emailing members, watching webcam feeds, and browsing member profiles, pretty much the standard set of offerings we see on sites like this.

While reviews are a bit all over the place, there are two downsides to this site, both of which make it a bit of a challenge to use. The first of these is that their member base seems to be fairly small. Unfortunately, this makes it kind of difficult to meet nearby users for a hookup or date.

The second issue is a bit worse, and that’s dead links. Based on user reviews, while this site offers quite a bit to its members, the free portions of the site tend to go down somewhat frequently. This also impacts your user profile, as the links to edit your profile are seemingly locked after you’ve finished it for the first time, including photos.

When these glitches aren’t happening, it seems that Granny Sex Personals offers a good experience for those looking to find an older woman. However, when their site does go down, visitors are left with little option but to use an additional site.


Our last site today is one of the more put-together companies on our list. Age Match is aimed at connecting people based on specific age ranges and does away with a lot of the fluff users commonly see on “granny” hookup sites, and instead just aims to connect older users with whomever it is that they’re looking for.

Their signup process is especially appealing, as it aims to narrow down your search from the get-go, asking pertinent questions regarding previous marriages, number of children, and other facts that for some may constitute “baggage” that older folks tend to bring into new relationships.

Due to the ubiquity & sense of polish that Age Match offers, there’s a far larger userbase on this site than on many of its contemporaries, meaning that you should have no problem finding folks to date.

Age Match also offers a mobile app for both iOS and Android, making it a lot more functional for mobile users than sites which only offer a conversion of their desktop site.

If you’re less about the short-term and more into the idea of a permanent, older partner, Age Match is likely your single best bet on this list.


While we hesitate to speak poorly of any dating sites out there, it’s important to do your research when reaching out for digital love. This goes double for older individuals who may not have as much experience with online love.

That being said, just because its a jungle out there doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t take the leap in trying to find a romantic partner of advanced age. Follow your heart and make it happen!