Casual Hook Ups

Since the early days of human history, there’s always been a segment of our society fascinated by the so-called “casting off of societal chains.” These folks tended towards freer & more alternative lifestyles, a concept frequently seen applied to human sexuality.  In more modern times, we’ve seen attempts to label this concept in a number of different ways. But perhaps no label has been more common than the one of “casual dating,” a phrase some would almost argue is a contradiction of terms.

While the idea of casual dating has grown a lot in the last few decades, it wasn’t until the dawn of the Internet that this culture began to hit the mainstream, first seeing support in old-school message boards & online personal ads. And, as the casual dating lifestyle has continued its climb into “normal” life, there’s been a huge uptick in the number of casual dating sites offered via online & mobile apps.

This diverse array of platforms has made casual dating easier than ever, but it’s also really muddied the waters, sometimes presenting quite a conundrum to those just beginning to dip their toes into the digital dating pool. That’s why we’ve done the hard work for you, and singled out a few of the better casual dating sites running today. Read on, and maybe you’ll find a date this very evening!



Passion is one of the better offerings for individuals who only have a taste for casual love. From the look of things, they’ve tried to make the site as inclusive as possible, which you first start to notice during the signup & profile creation steps. A lot of the questions posed by Passion are very centered around lifestyle choices, going well beyond the simple “male or female” type of inquiries.

Once you’ve finished registration, you’ll notice that Passion has a dazzling array of features that are sure to grab most people’s attention. Passion seems to be dedicated to supporting the individualism of its members, even including a blog function that allows guests to make both status updates & longer posts, meaning that as you’re browsing profiles, you can get a great idea of who these people are. Our favorite of all of these, however, is the Kink search. This is a custom search designed to specifically look for people who share a taste for your type of specialty kink.

Passion also boasts around 90,000,000 active users, which is a truly impressive number for a hookup-based site. What’s even more impressive is that women make up 80% of this user base, an almost unheard-of ratio.

Passion also more recently released a mobile app, but reviews seem to indicate that users will have a far better experience if they stick to the desktop site instead.

While we were less than impressed with the functions available for standard members, the Gold level membership offers a lot for the price. If you’re looking to take the plunge into a carefree & casual lifestyle, and aren’t too concerned about only doing it from a desktop device, Passion might just be your perfect bet.



Next up on today’s list is Casual Dates, a site whose name makes it pretty clear what they’re looking to offer. The site promises that you’ll find thousands of local singles with their easy to use the site, but what does reality say about this?

The signup process is very straightforward, although they do make several attempts to get you to upgrade to one of their three different premium memberships, which is a little annoying. That being said, after you’ve gotten through this step, you can check out what Casual Dates has to offer, which is an awful lot.

Casual Dates offers a bit of a smorgasbord regarding its content. There are links for webcams, searches, instant dates, photo albums, blogs….the list goes on & on. This seemed a little fishy, and once we did some digging the explanation presented itself. But as it turns out, Casual Dates shares its servers with several other dating sites & apps, and many of the links found on the Casual Dates homepage are actually links to other third-party content. While this isn’t necessarily a site ruiner, it’s definitely worth mentioning here.

With the recent rise of casual dating sites, the market has become fairly saturated with “quick fix” solutions for singles. While Casual Dates doesn’t offer the best package around, there’s still quite a bit of legitimate offerings contained here. Their chatrooms seem to be well populated, and messaging is unrestricted regardless of membership status. With these facts in mind, we definitely think you could have some luck on Casual Dates, even if there’s a bit to sift through to get there.



Third up today is Casual Kiss, a casual dating site that really tries to keep itself on the respectable side. They offer services for all kinds of casual relationships, including everything from pen pals to long-term romances. They also keep their site design rather simple, something that absolutely helps when trying to attract older users.

While many of the features seen on Casual Kiss are typical of most dating sites, they’re all fairly dependable to use. The search feature is stripped down but still offers a good list of attributes to choose from, and their messenger is both visually appealing and perfectly functional. Like others on this list, users are also offered the chance to maintain a blog through the site, which helps users get an inside look into potential mates.

There’s also the “Purity Test” feature, which asks a series of sexually explicit questions, after which you’re provided with a rating. You can either choose to display this on your profile, or instead keep it hidden. Either way, it’s an interesting addition to a relatively vanilla dating site. There’s quite a bit of discussion around this feature on Casual Kiss’ forums as well, so be sure to give them a look if you’d like some stimulating conversation.

Casual Kiss also nets a reasonably high amount of monthly page views, seeing around 100,000 new views monthly. That fact, along with the refreshingly scam-free atmosphere of their site & abundance of free offerings is what prompted us to include Casual Kiss on our list.