Dating as an African-American in the United States presents a very unique set of challenges, but practically & culturally.

For those native to the U.S., the centuries of struggle & history has made African-Americans very protective when it comes to their cultural heritage, and this unsurprisingly trickles down into their dating & marriage habits. Alternately, there are many “Black” folks living in the U.S. that originally immigrated from places like Africa or the Carribean, people who are desperate to carry their traditions & beliefs with them as they acclimate to American culture & values.

In both cases, the goal tends to be the preservation and continued growth of these distinct cultures, along with a sense that they’re being “loyal” to their race. While there’s no way to boil these intense personal & cultural struggles down to just a few talking points, it’s essential to at least touch on this issues, as they’re what inspired us to create this list. Below, you’ll find a few of the most popular African-American dating sites on the market today. It’s our hope that we’ll help you find exactly the match you’ve been hoping for.


Black People Meet is an incredibly popular dating app for people of color to find other, like-minded individuals. While all ethnicities are capable of joining, the site tends to skew towards racially-diverse couples. Signing up takes just a few minutes, after which you’ll be prompted to upload some photos are starting trying to find your perfect companion. The site was clever enough to include the option for importing your photos right off of Facebook, which makes this part a walk in the park.

The matching component of the site is straightforward, with users getting 11 matches a day via the site’s algorithms. Visitors are also allowed to search the profiles directly and find their own matches. Once found, you can use video chat, instant messaging, or the “flirt” function to begin your attempts at reaching out to your new potential mates.

Chatrooms are also offered here, along with a Tinder parallel called “I’m Interested,” which works via swiping as you’d expect. There’s another variant of this called “Who D.O. You Like?”, which is more akin to a “Hot or Not”-styled concept, where you choose which of the two users you find more attractive. Keep in mind that these deluxe features tend to only be available for paid users, so you’ll be cranking out that wallet if you’d like to swipe your life away on Black People Meet.

With over 1 million members as of this writing, it seems safe to assume that a lot of people could have luck using Black People Meet. The company sees regular weekly site usage of between 25,000-35,000 people. Perhaps its time you counted yourself among them.


Our next recommendation is Black Planet, a site that’s a bit more rigid in who gets to participate. As the name would suggest, Black Planet caters only to African-American individuals looking for love or some type of romantic connection. This means that if you’re not this particular demographic, you’ll be at a disadvantage when using the site, although it’s certainly still open to you.

Something that isn’t commonly seen on dating sites but features heavily on Black Planet is their “Stories” section, which works a lot like LinkedIn or Facebook, where public news stories are posted and open to comments from the entire online community. This is a great way to stir up interesting conversations within African-American culture, while also providing a slightly different & novel way to meet potential partners. Messaging functions are free, as well as the ability to see, post, & comment on photos. If you like the idea of group-styled meets but don’t like waiting for replies to a comment thread, there’s also a chatroom available.

The site claims to be the single biggest online community for African-Americans in the world, so we took a look to see how accurate these claims were. Turns out, the metrics would suggest that Black Planet is heavily trafficked online, with over 1 million visits monthly. It’s also worth mentioning that these numbers are on the rise, which tends to be due in no small part to frequent membership growth. Black Planet is an excellent recommendation for African-Americans looking to make a real connection that’s based on more than just attractiveness.


No. 3 on our list is Black Crush, a site dedicated to the more risque kind of connections that some are looking for.

Seeing as they cater to short-term romance, it’s no shock that one of the most enjoyable features on Black Crush is their “Quickie” function, which is a localized matchmaking function that uses member phone GPS tags to find potential last-minute hookups. In addition to this, there are the full range pf “Facebook-centric” offerings such as status updates & the ability to friend other users. You can also take messages offline with their SMS functions.

Dropping from a high point in May of this year, Black Crush is still seeing over 900k users on a monthly basis, making it a serious contender within the African-American dating communities. Although some might be turned off by the distinct mix of positive & negative reviews, traffic this high means that they’re still seeing a lot of new visitors, many of which spend a significant amount of time on the site. Black Crush is undoubtedly out to make a dollar, but they’re at least providing some quality features while they do it. With 3-day trails coming in at under $10, it certainly wouldn’t hurt to give this site a try if you’re still on the market for an African-American partner.


Our last entry today is Local Black MILFS, a site that should be fairly obvious in what it offers. This is a site that’s looking for users who want to get into dating situations with attractive African-American women who tend to be a bit older than the typical dating crowd.

The site itself doesn’t exactly offer the smoothest experience, with reviews mentioning occasional dead links and annoying spambot profiles claiming to be real members who are currently online. However, the site has been trying to clean up its image more recently, which shows in its increasing web traffic.

If you’ve been on the hunt for a beautiful, dark-skinned older woman to make your dreams a reality, but have had a heck of a time finding anyone, Local Black Milfs might be a good fit.