Asian Beauties Review

Our latest site on this list of Asian dating sites is a bit more of a last resort, and frankly, it may not be worth the trouble. Asian Beauties used to be called Asian Date and has been running for quite a few years, catering to Asians from just about every country imaginable.

Here’s the full rundown of what you need to know about this site…

Asian Beauties Rundown

The site is pay-to-play but covers that up by claiming to be a “free, credit-based” site where additional functions are the only things you actually pay for. This is a ruse, however, as it costs credits to do anything other than look around. Say, for example, that you want to message a user you’re interested in. Well, it costs credits to send a message. If they respond, it costs credits to open that message. If they like you enough to send photos, that’s additional credits on TOP of the messaging credits…see where we’re going with this? It pretty quickly becomes obvious that an unlimited membership or bulk credits are really the only way to go here.

This means that to use the site to its full extent, you could be paying upwards of $400 a month. While some of this cost can be sidestepped by exchanging personal info within the first couple of messages, it takes at least 7 or 8 messages to feel comfortable enough to share that info, but that’s when the REAL problem rears its head. Since you have to enter personal info into the site as you create a profile, if you try to TYPE that information into a message, Asian Beauties blocks the text. This is frankly absurd and shows that the site is really only interested in getting your money.

While we did see a few glimpses of hope on Asian Beauties, it was covered up by more than enough greed to be rendered useless, unless you’ve got thousands of disposable dollars laying around. Our recommendation is to try the other sites on this list first. If they aren’t delivering on their promises, then perhaps purchase a few credits & give Asian Beauties a shot. Just make sure you watch your bank balance while you do so.