Once upon a time, dating was as simple as meeting someone attractive at a bar or event, & working up the courage to ask them out. Then the Internet hit the mainstream, and the world saw a dating site revolution, with many “less-than-charming” individuals finding out that yes, they too had someone out there for them. When the Internet suddenly became small enough to carry around via smartphones, it was only a matter of time before someone clever figured out that you could sell entire applications that were aimed at finding people a little bit of romance.

Since this development, it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to point out that dating apps have exploded over the last decade, with what seems like every company with a tech department releasing their own “social media platform” set to “revolutionize” the dating world.

Best Mobile App For Dating…

Unfortunately, a good percentage of these apps tend to miss the mark, due in no small part to rushed development schedules, poor build quality, and a complete lack of a user base. That’s why we’ve put together this list of a few of the best dating apps out there. Hopefully, one of these fun & easy connection tools will deliver exactly what you’re looking for!


Lovoo is an app that, much like a lot of the options on this list, copies the “Tinder-swipe” formula, while adding its own set of unique features. The first version of this popular mobile app launched in 2011, to generally excellent reviews. It was initially designed by a German team and was aimed mainly towards Germans, but it quickly grew into a global phenomenon. The Google Play Store has this app at a solid 4 out of 5 stars, while Apple has it at a 4.5. This a pretty strong showing, considering that Lovoo has been in operation for almost a decade in one form or another.

The service & app themselves are designed to cater to a diverse array of people with all sorts of sexual proclivities, meaning that the chances are pretty high of finding someone who’s looking for the same things you are. Lovoo is a smooth, reliable choice for a dating app, to be sure.


Adam4Adam is aimed primarily at gay men, or those who identify as male & are looking for other males. With over 1 million unique users monthly, this app offers an array of services that go well beyond the Tinder clones commonly seen on the market, including live streaming functions and SMS-enabled chatting.

Another nice feature that Adam4Adam packed into their mobile app is the choice between “home” or “visitor” profiles, which makes it easy to find connections while you’re traveling for work, on vacation, or any other “hookup-on-the-go” situation.

As far as reviews, Google Play has it just under 4 stars, while Apple’s App Store has it at a solid 5. Reports would indicate what you might’ve already guessed: the iOS-designed app tends to provide a bit smoother of an experience for users, so keep that in mind if you decide to give Adam4Adam a shot.

3) Badoo

Originally started as a Russian IT company, Badoo has grown into a worldwide powerhouse, boasting over 400 million users globally as for 2019. The company has for quite some time marketed their romantic matching services to younger generations, meaning that a lot of the user base found on Badoo will be in the 18-23 range. As is commonly seen in most modern dating apps, the main focus of Badoo is a Tinder-like swipe function, referred to as “Badoo Encounters.”

Google Play has Badoo at a robust 4-star rating, with the reviews to match, while the iOS version has a similar score & review set. It seems like the company had really made an effort to grow since its inception in 2006 when it catered more to the Facebook crowd than folks looking for a date.

A word of warning to anyone looking at Badoo; While the app & services provided are top-notch, there’s an overwhelming amount of European users, so those in the U.S. may find it a bit of a challenge to find local connections.

4) Meetme

Meetme is a strong contender on this list and has shown the numbers to prove it. Their app on Google Play has netted over 1.3 million downloads, which puts it into the same sphere as other top contenders like OkCupid & Tinder.

As far as functionality, past the typical swiping & messaging functions, Meetme offers a robust video chat platform, akin to a Skype or Google Hangout experience. Related to this is their live stream function, which works via the video chat interface & posts directly to your user profile.

Something offered by Meetme that no other app seen here provides is the chance to make a profit from using the app. You heard me correctly; Premium Meetme users with high traffic can actually earn credits & hard currency by meeting specific site criteria. While not for everyone, this is an exciting & novel addition to a dating app that bears mentioning.

Keep in mind that when using Meetme that the app isn’t intended just for dating, but also for vanilla social connections as well. Because the site markets some of its messaging services to individuals as young as 13, there exists the potential for meeting people who may be deceptive when stating their age. Remember to use best practice when meeting any individuals for the first time, either digitally or in the real world.

5) Skout

Finishing up our list of dating apps today is Skout, a video & messaging platform that offers dating services almost as a secondary feature. It’s become popular in the dating scene primarily due to its location-based functions, which allow users to get video & message updates from people in their immediate vicinity.

The app was initially designed as a community-building device for uniting folks from over 100 different countries. Something unique to Skout is their ‘backstage” function, which lets users make specific profile photos private. They then can put a “price” on these photos via the apps “point,” or credit system. Another fun feature is “shake to chat,” which operates like a location-based Chat Roulette, where the app will connect you to a nearby individual who shares your interests or tastes.

This app has been quite popular on both Android & iOS platforms since its humble beginnings, netting over a million downloads as of this year. If you’re looking for a casual dating service without a rigid framework & one that offers better chances at making friendships, Skut might just be your best bet.